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by: Clint Smith, P.E.
320 Pages – November 2004

“INFUSION,” a sci-fi novel by Clint Smith P.E. is available now.

Set in a time and a place not unlike our own, “Infusion” is a thought-provoking and fast-paced novel, with contemporary conservationist themes, about the exploitation of the Earth’s resources by an alien race, and the moral and ethical conflicts that arise due to the limited resources of the universe.

The alien race lives on two sister planets, Kimoph and Zeron, orbiting a common sun. The resource the Kimophians and Zeron’s need is dattan which is vital to their survival.

Their need for dattan is a result of bio weapons used during the civil war between the two plants that destroyed both eco-systems. Although other sources of dattan are available Earth happens to provide the resource cheaply and in raw form. However Consortium law forbids the extraction of dattan from Earth. The law was enacted after the consortium destroyed another planet trying to collect dattan. The law is enforced by the KIEF, an environmental police force.

Kiren Hillel is in a bind. She is onboard the cargo ship Curgan heading toward Earth. The Curgan and its crew want to extract Dattan from Earth although their government, the Consortium, has made this illegal. She is a member of the KIEF, the environmental police force, now helping the Curgan commit a crime. Her problems are compounded when an alien from Earth is brought on board, by accident, and she has to care for it and keep it safe.

In short, Infusion is a thought provoking sci-fi adventure whose tension and suspense builds as the plot thickens and unfolds.

ASI Publishing
12 Brandywine Drive
Warwick, NY 10990