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Wireless Telecom FAQ

Wireless Telecommunications FAQs
By: Smith, Clint
ISBN: 0071341021
Format: BC 432 pages
Copyright: 2001
$39.95 USD
Product Line:McGraw-Hill Professional McGraw-Hill Professional

Editorial Reviews

From Book News, Inc.
Smith, who has worked in the industry quite a while and has written several books about it, assembles questions that he and colleagues are often asked as a reference for people in marketing, technical, sales, real estate, or construction departments or companies. He arranges them in such topical chapters as network systems, radio frequency, and traffic engineering and indexes them in detail. He does not cross- reference.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Exploring the expansion of the wireless industry, this question and answer reference provides a single source for the most common queries from newcomers and professionals wanting to keep up with recent advances.

Book Description
The wireless communications industry is growing rapidly. Newcomers and old timers alike need help to catch up, and they will find it in this book: answers to the most frequently asked questions; new technologies and nomenclatures covered in detail; quick answers to key, specific questions; all of wireless, including RF and network issues. The tabbed interior design for easy lookup makes this the perfect desk reference.