Clint Smith

Selected Works

Science Fiction
Set in a time and a place not unlike our own, “Infusion” is a thought-provoking and fast-paced novel, with contemporary conservationist themes, about the exploitation of the Earth’s resources by an alien race, and the moral and ethical conflicts that arise due to the limited resources of the universe.
3G Wireless with WiMax and WiFi
3G Wireless with 802.16 and 802.11 for mobile IP service offerings
Wireless Network Performance Handbook
Five platforms are covered: AMPS, IS-136, GSM/GPRS, CDMA, AND iDEN. Both the RF and network aspects of the engineering are described. With emphasis throughout on problem solving.
3G Wireless Networks
3G wireless Design with GSM/GPRS, CDMA2000 and UMTS
LMDS Local Mutipoint Distribution Service Design and Implementation
Wireless Telecommunications FAQs
Wireless Telecom Reference Book
Cellular System Design and Optimization
Mobile Wireless RF and Network Design and Optimization

The Clock Struck One

3G Wireless Networks
By: Smith, Clint Collins, Daniel
ISBN: 0071414827
Copyright: 2002
$59.95 USD

Pin down the technical details that make 3G wireless networking actually work. In 3G Wireless Networks, experts Clint Smith and Daniel Collins dissect critical issues of compatibility, internetworking, and voice/​data convergence, providing you with in-depth explanations of how key standards and protocols intersect and interconnect. This guide digs into the gritty details of day-to-day network operations, giving you a chance to understand the difficulties service providers will experience in making the changeover from 2nd Generation systems (CDMA etc.) to 2.5 Generation systems like WAP and EDGE and finally to full throttle 3G networks. It describes key standards, digs deep into the guts of relevant network protocols, and details the full range of compatibility issues between the US (CDMA 2000) and European (WCDMA) versions of the standard. Plenty of call flow diagrams show you exactly how the technologies work.